Back on the net. My host banned me from his server because my blog was getting too much traffic. So they tried to buy my url from me but I couldn’t give it up, so then the posers started to take my site on and offline every chance they got. Guess what… Ya boy is […]

DJ I.T.L. sets up a new mixtape!!

To set things straight again, I decided to drop a new mixtape collabo toghether with a friend of mine. I’m pushing hard to get everything layed down and mastered as we speak. 2010 means full throttle for me, so be prepared for something special ;-). The formula is simple; DJ I.T.L. – 35 mins – […]


Over the last few years I went to some transitions in life and I learned a greater dea about myself. I found myself living life without having a fixed goal because compelling moments kept coming one after he other. I took a little break to deterimine which way I wanted to go in my Dj […]


Workin on the selftitled documentary "DJ I.T.L.". This will be one of my biggest video projects to date. This documentary hold footage nobody has ever seen. For years I've been followed by a camera, and its nice to see where the road to my succes started and where it's taking me now. Stay tuned for this premiere project in 2012 !! Peace I.T.L.

MJ tribute mixtape

This spring the MJ tribute mixtape will be launched. The hottest joints by the King of Pop mixed, cut, scratched, backspinned by yours truely. Once again it's ya boy I.T.L. telling you what time it is... Fasten your seatbelts!

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